Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dog Food and Such

So much has happened since my last post. Perfectionism tempts me to remain silent until I can properly catch up, but my kids continue to provide new material. Here's a few funny tidbits until I can get back in the swing of things:

Would You Pay for This Experience?

Kevin took us all out to dinner last night at a local seafood place. My son fell asleep in the van on the way there and had about a twenty minute nap. It is never a good thing when he awakens from these short excursions into REM. I thought Davey Jones had taken the helm by the time we were seated.

The waitress was kind and tried to stop the crying. Of course, the girls could not be outdone, so Audrey refused to go into the high chair and Katie spilled a full glass of Diet Coke all over the table and floor. But the Kind Waitress prevailed by serving hush puppies almost immediately. Munching replaced the tears and screams.

When we were about to leave, Owen asked, "Daddy? May I have some" (Dog food = Hush puppies) *giggle*

Smells Like a Good One!

Last week's holiday afforded some Hinton family snuggle time. One morning Katie came and got into bed with Kevin and me. After all the usual morning conversation about dreams and such, Katie informed us that she knew how she was going to pick her husband. Her plan is to "line them all up and see what they smell like." The one who smells the best will win her hand in marriage. Kevin asked what she'd do if there was a very kind, handsome man who smelled like a girl. She quickly replied that she'd just have him lift up his neck so she could wipe the girl smell off, and then she'd give him some good-smelling man perfume.

She's Gonna Love This When She's Older

So, what do YOU do if you are picking your nose in your car and discover you have no tissue? (Please, this is RHETORICAL, people.) Katie has the answer. She informed me last week that she had "picked out a booger and then put it back."

Super Hyper

*NOTE - The views expressed by Katie Hinton do not reflect the doctrinal views of her family or church home.*

Katie would NOT eat her dinner one night. I began to talk to her about how she was being ungrateful and disrespectful as her refusal was also very, ahem, vocal. To which she replied, "It's OKAY, Mama. It's okay if I eat like this." I asked why she thought it was okay for her to complain about her dinner every night. Her answer? "Because Jesus made me a sinner!" My friend Chris said she bet I was digging out that catechism book! Actually, I was so distracted with correcting her that I think she got out of eating her veggies. Don't worry, Katie honey. I am onto you!


Jeff said...

She informed me last week that she had "picked out a booger and then put it back."

It could be worse. She could have said: "Audrey's sleeve."

And I loves me some dog food! (Jeff note to media: Please don't take this out of context when I'm running for president in 2036.)

Chris said...

Way to go, Katie:)