Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celebration Sunday 2008 (Part One)

Unity Baptist Church celebrated 20 years of worship and service this past October. We were blessed to have music by Terry Abney (our first pastor) and a sermon by Shaun Sipe (our second pastor). Stuart McCollough, our former music leader, was gracious enough to sing a duet with me.

It was a beautiful day for dinner on the grounds, and there was plenty of delicious food to go with the conversation and laughter. So if you missed out (mean ol' Kendalls, helping start a church plant is NO EXCUSE!), sit back and enjoy these photos.

I told Foozy and Bob to "act like they liked each other." Apparently that was amusing!

Lovely Ladies

Stuart was such a good music director that when he left, we retired his position! We miss him and Ashley, but it was great seeing their family take up TWO FULL PEWS! (They serve at the Baptist Children's Home.)

Beautiful Betty and "Worthy" Shaun

Bro. Terry, Mrs. Sandra, and the ever-stunning Lee Anne

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