Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Tastiest Planet and Other Adventures


Here is a common sight on a Friday night at Casa Hinton. After a sing-along accompanied by both guitar and bass and multiple bedtime stories for the little ones, it is time for a bit of fun. It's about 10:00 and the coffee is brewing. The smell of delicious (previously frozen) peach cobbler lingers in the air. Friends Roger and Elisabeth now sit with Kevin and me at our homey kitchen table. Roger says....."Kill her!"

WHAT?!?! No, we are not into some new cult. We are playing Aggravation, known to some as Texas Hot Seat. The game board was a wedding gift from my grandpa. The main problem is that Elisabeth and I have not been "providentially blessed." I might dare to use the term "unlucky" for something this serious. I can't even keep track anymore....the guys probably lead by over twenty games.

So, Elisabeth, I have come up with a possible solution. I am teaching Katie and Owen to play. We can probably cheat our way into a win without them even knowing. Bwahaha!!! Seriously, though, the kids really like this game. I counted it as school, since it involves lots of counting and logic. And dice rolling. All good Baptists know how to cast lots, right? (R and E, you can easily see Owen's logic...bring 'em ALL out at once!)

Growing Pains...for ME

Audrey has been walking for about three or four weeks now. She immediately followed this up with climbing the bookshelf, climbing up on the kitchen table, throwing Katie's socks in the trash, playing in the toilet, and this:

But I don't want to take a nap!

(I wonder if Owen will still be sleeping with Spot dog when he's married?)

Pee B and J

Owen woke up on Tuesday, walked into the living room, and announced the following: "Fust I'm gonna get cwose on, den eat wunch, den go spen da night at Gwanma's house." He then proceeded to dress himself. I went to get Audrey up and dressed. When I came back he was standing in his Little Tykes chair in a puddle of pee, eating a heel of bread. He had the knife, peanut butter, and jelly out for making his "wunch." After his bath he insisted on the sandwich, so after chanting my current mantra of "choose your battles" I told him to go for it. Here he is licking the peanut butter, wet hair and all.

Eating Mercury

Katie took almost an hour to help me make gray salt dough and then sculpt her model of Mercury. Audrey took less than two minutes to climb on the table and make a crater of her own. Mmmmm.....Salty Mercury. (Kevin, there's a Simpsons reference for ya!)


amy said...

Dang, I love your posts..I love the Hintons

Kara said...

I love 'em too, Amy! Owey with his Spot Dog- awwww!!!

Waiting for pics from Celebration Sunday...