Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Join Me On the Roof!

Blogger has this cool new gadget called "Followers," which I have renamed "Rooftop Friends." It is my understanding that it works a bit like a friends list on MySpace (or, in my case, crashMycomputerSpace). Now, please don't get me wrong. It's not about how many friends I have or don't have. It's more about the fact that I am nosey and want to know who some of you are!

With the Feedjit gadget I can see locations, and some identities of my visitors are obvious. My cousin Michelle lives in Joplin, Missouri; the Sonlight people are in Colorado; I've become reaquainted with friends in Killeen, Texas; my sister-in-law lives in Knoxville. Then there are those people who pop in once by accident, never to return. A marketing company overseas. Someone in London who Googled "underwear pictures." (I'm sure they were shocked by Justin and Owen!)

But there is this other group that falls somewhere in the middle. WHO ARE YOU?!?! Who lives in Ohio and comes to visit from Kara Bright's blog? Who keeps coming by direct link from France? Cordova, Tennessee...are you my cohort Lee Anne? There is also a returning visitor north of Jackson, near Kevin's first job as mathematics teacher at West Carroll High School.

So try the new gadget. Or don't. I'll still be up here having my coffee, wondering who you guys are!


Anonymous said...

Nope. I'm not in Cordova. Does your computer say anything about packing heat in Orange Mound? HA!!

By the way - I love being able to catch up with your life. Thanks for going public with your blog.

Love you lots.

Lee Anne

Luke said...

I just added this to a couple of my blogs. I'd be happy to Follow you, the minute Blogger stops giving me an error. Off to try again!

[notice the hint to come follow my blogs? really subtle, I know]


Chris said...

just another popularity contest that I am sure to fail. why oh why do we have to document our insignificancies??? Chris

Kara said...

I too am confounded by the mysterious Ohio resident stalking us.

This spinster hopes it's a Christian man that looks like George Clooney.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenny. I'm a follower too.

Jenny said...

Lee Anne, I have just one word for you....ESPIONAGE! HAHAHA!!!

Luke, you are added!

Chris, I think it's one of the curses of the fall. LOL!

Kara, you don't know who is in Ohio? They always come from YOUR blog to MINE. If it IS a Christian man who looks like George Clooney, you must persuade him to move here. I will not allow Katie's SS teacher to leave Unity.

Jennifer, glad you posted! I'm enjoying our email conversation, too. :-)

roger said...

Besure to ask Jenny about her trip through Orange Mound. The only real interesting part was the fellow Unity people behind us. I think was a group session on comfort zones.

We were looking for the Southern entrance to the Mid-South Fair and made a series of late turns. It's divine intervention I say. I think we found a couple of dives in which we can continue Unity's ministry into the Urban setting.