Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fellowship With Grace Church

Our fellowship with Grace Church was like a taste of heaven to come. Thanks to someone's suggestion of name tags, I had the privilege of saying hello to everyone. What a joy to hear so many conversations centered on Christ as I walked around; to see our children - and men! - playing together; to witness Grace members ministering to Unity's children (and vice versa). May God receive glory from our continued partnership in spreading His name!

(All of these photos have been uploaded in full resolution, so if you would like to download any of them, just open the full photo and save away. Apologies if I got any names mixed up; I'm going on memory. And the babies didn't get name tags so I don't remember their names! Maybe next time.)

Susan "Queen of the World" plays on the new playground with the kids....and Roger!

"The most beautiful sound that I ever heard.....Maria....."

Benji and his little one

Bryan and Angie's sweet baby

Paul and Bryan playing ball


Amy R. Maxwell said...

Hey Jenny!

BJ just forwarded me the comment you left on his BLOG. Small world, indeed! I just took a quick look at your site (before the kids wake up and hit the floor running) . . . What a beautiful family!!!

You can check out my stuff at:

I look forward to keeping in touch. I praise God for you, sister, and the fruits of righteousness that are being sown in your home and ministry!

MUCH love, amy (formally known as becca)

Stephen Myshrall said...

Thanks Jenny for the encouraging words. As you can tell I am not the best at updating my blog. Unity seems like a very God-centered church. I'm glad to here about your connection with Grace--I think God is greatly honored when churches fellowship together. I actually have a friend that lives in Memphis and have told him about Unity. I don't know how far his place is from the church, but hopefully he will be able to visit. Thanks again. Have a great day.

Stephen Myshrall said...

btw, that was "hear" not "here"...i only took 4th grade three times!!!

Jenny said...

Stephen, your friend is more than welcome! Our family is continuing to pray for your family as you determine God's will. Feel free to email Kevin (addy is on the Unity website) if you need anything.