Monday, November 21, 2005

Everyday Providence

Rustic Pine Fence

I really hate this fence that a guy down the road made. He chopped down a row of pine trees that were just off the road. But he left big stumps, around three feet high. Then he cut all the branches off of the top part of the trees and nailed them to the top of the stumps. It looks terrible!

Very Fishy

And speaking of things that get on my nerves, I really dislike the broken fish mail box that someone down the road from me owns. It looks like that "Big Mouth Billy the Bass" singing thing that Grandpa Oakman bought.


I have been thinking more about Katie's personality lately. It is a lot like mine. Neither of us like new things. I like to watch people play a game for a bit before I join in. I want to practice before I sing in front of people. Katie doesn't like the doctor or getting her picture made. She won't even try fun things until she feels it is "safe." When we go to the park, she tells me she is scared of the other kids, but after she watches for a bit she is right in there with them. She wouldn't even eat some Jello jigglers we made the other day until she watched me eat a couple.

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