Friday, April 1, 2005

Birthday Journal

My birthday present to ME is to start this journal!

First, I want to have a place to post some pictures of my Katie girl. She is growing up too fast!

I also want to have a place to keep up with my exercise schedule. I certainly don't want to rupture another disk when my belly gets really big - that was 10 times worse than laboring for 12 hours with no epidural! And I don't really want to gain 55 lbs. this time, either.

So I will probably start the exercising tomorrow. No, really, it is rainy and cold outside, and I will mostly be walking to keep in shape. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice.

I also like Pilates, but my regular DVD is too hard on me at 5 1/2 months, and the pregnancy Pilates DVD is like doing NOTHING. Maybe I will try it again; it has to be better than doing nothing on those days that the sun isn't out.

I just finished sewing an Easter dress for Katie. Kevin's mom cross-stitched cute duckies on the collar. Katie was not too happy when I tried to take a picture because she wanted to leave for church NOW, not wait on me to take a picture! She loves her teachers and of course, Grandma will be there...

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